I’m Baaack! DIY $10 Christmas Wreath

Hi there, friends! I do apologize for my absence the last few months. Summer brought about a LOT of traveling and events, and also gave us some exciting news: we are expecting a little boy due to arrive sometime mid-February! Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of napping, and not so much blogging. BUT! I am hopeful that the next few months will be a little more successful in terms of blog posts (at least until the little man arrives).

To start off, I am going to share a super easy DIY with you all. And the best part about this DIY is that it is also cheap!


This Christmas/winter wreath cost me a total of $9.23. Granted, I did use a coupon or two, and I found the supplies on sale, but it was all from Jo-Ann’s, so more than likely you can score the exact same wreath supplies for an equivalent cost.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A grapevine wreath
  • One “leafy” faux branch
  • Two “twiggy” faux branches
  • Two pinecone “branches”
  • One faux needle branch with red berries

First off, find a section of the grapevine wreath that has a horizontal vine or two; you’ll need this to hold the “branches” in. Take your “leafy” branch and slip it in snugly.


Stick the branch with the berries in slightly below the leafy branch, making sure that the leafy branch is still visible.


Your next step is to add in the twiggy branches. I really like these because they have little bells in them, so every time you open the door (in theory) it’ll jingle. How’s that for festive? Layer them on top of the leafy branch, but make sure they stay behind the berry branch.


The final step is to stick those pinecones in. I ended up putting one on the bottom next to the berries, and the other tucked in behind the leafy branch, but do whatever makes the wreath feel balanced.


And that’s it! Easy-peasy. You could also add a ribbon if you want to dress up the wreath more, but for myself I like the bareness of the vines. I think it feels more wintery that way.






Make Your Own DIY Spring Wreath

Spring is here! Spring is here! Spring is here! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

And now that Spring is officially here, I can share this post with you guilt free. If you’re anything like me, if you can stretch the use of your seasonal décor longer, you do. So my Christmas wreath hung around for quite a while. I won’t tell you when exactly it came down, but let’s just say that my door has been wreathless for only a few weeks. That Christmas wreath was going to be used for as long as I could.

But now it’s time to move onto better, brighter things, so yesterday, I sat down and made my Spring wreath, which I must confess, was easier and funner (that’s a word, right?) than I thought.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


  • A metal wreath frame (I actually saved this one from my Christmas wreath)
  • 8+ faux flower bouquets (Mine were from the dollar tree)
  • 2ft length of wide ribbon (not pictured)

One word about your choice for the flowers: try and stick with a one or two color scheme. My flowers were all white and yellow. If you want to go more for a wildflower feel, then you’re welcome to mix colors, but pay attention to the type of flowers you pick. The cohesiveness of this wreath really depends on the colors (or type) you go with.

This really doesn’t take much work. All you need to do is stick the stems into the prongs of the wreath frame. Start from the top of your wreath, and work your way down each side. Try and weave your stems into the prongs as much as you can, so that they end up either covered by the other flowers, or come to the bottom of the wreath (which you’ll wrap with the ribbon).




At this point, if you have extra flowers, you can continue to put them in and make it flowers all around, or you can do what I did, and add in the ribbon.

Your last step is to wrap the exposed stems and wreath frame with the ribbon. If you choose a silkier ribbon, it will feel more formal; burlap will make it feel more rustic. Choose whichever you prefer.


Tie a pretty bow, and you’re done!


This project probably took me 20 min max, and that was with photo-taking and dinner prep happening at the same time! Super easy.

Hope you’re enjoying Spring where you live too!

DIY Fall Wreath

Wreaths are such an obvious sign that fall has arrived. It seems that no sooner than the leaves start to change color that you start to see wreaths magically pop up on all of your neighbors front doors.

Wreath 2

I’ve never been one to participate in this activity, the only reason being that I didn’t have a wreath hook for my door. That is no longer the case. This year, I took “the plunge” and purchased a wreath hook for our new home. Of course, I still needed a wreath to hang on it, so that was today’s project.

Wreath 1

Here are the supplies I used:

  • 12in wreath form
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (I ended up using about 3 sticks)
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • Leaves
  • A couple wheat stalks
If you want to make the wreath even more fragrant, buy those scented pinecones and use that. I already had a bunch that I’d picked up on walks with the kids, so I used those. As for the leaves, I borrowed some from the neighbors yard. Hopefully that was ok with them.
Wreath 3
First I glued all the pinecones, acorns, and the cinnamon sticks to the wreath form. Be sure to secure them well with the glue. If you want to make them extra sturdy, you can use twist ties or florist wire to secure them. Flip the pinecones in all directions to make it look even.
Wreath 4
After that, I filled in the crevices with the leaves. If you’re door is particularly exposed, gets a lot of wind, or you simply have a habit of slamming doors and want to ensure they don’t all end up on the floor, then I recommend you gluing the leaves on as well.
That’s it! You’re all done. Go hang it up on the door and enjoy the beautiful creation you just made.
Wreath 5