A little bit of Me

Hi. I’m Beth. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, married to a wonderful man, the mom of two beautiful children, who loves interior design (whew! that’s quite the list). There are other things I love too, like a good book, coffee, crocheting, and a good latte or two (did I already mention that?). I love all things interior. Granted, certain styles are more my niche than others, but give me a book or link of pictures of a house, or the inside of a house, or things to go inside a house, and I’ll bet you I could talk your ear off about it all. There’s nothing I’d rather do than rearrange a room, or a counter, or a closet, or remake the bed, or go thrift shopping for another item…. the list is endless. So if you ever want a shopping buddy, call me up.

But after years of just looking and creating, I finally wanted to start sharing the things I’d learned, and the things I’m experimenting with (’cause not every endeavor wins, right? But that’s part of the fun). So I created Where Modern Met Chic. My hope is that you will enjoy the space that I have come to love, and maybe leave with some inspiration to create your own little space. The space where you come to, and a house is no longer a house, but a home. And maybe, like it was with me, it’ll be a little bit where modern meets chic.


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