More Spray Paint

Apparently I’m on a purge of all gold accents in our home these days. First it was the hallway lights, and today, I have another easy weekend project for you.

This is our wonderful, lovely, heavenly gas fireplace. (Can you tell I love having it in our home?) I love pretty much everything about it. Its only downside, really, is the bright golden grates. (I guess heavenly really was the idea they were going with when they designed this.)

Honestly I didn’t come up with this idea to update the fireplace myself; good old Pinterest gave me the idea as I was looking for ways to update it. And like I said, there is so much about this fireplace to love: the lovely mantle, the tile, the gray…

So when I saw the idea to just spray paint the grates black to make them less visible, I knew that was exactly what this space needed.


After removing the grates and wiping the dust off, I proceeded to paint.

And then, once they were dry, I popped them back on, and voilà!

Isn’t that amazing? Love how it all blends together now.

In hindsight, it probably would have been better if I got matte black paint, but I’m still so pleased with the result!

What do you think? Did you like the gold better?


One comment on “More Spray Paint

  1. pilgrim1030 says:

    I like the look both ways, actually! I’m sure it feels like a nice little change and update to your family room. Looking forward to seeing it in person soon!

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