A Hallway Update

Life has been very very full over here. Ask anyone with a newborn and they’ll probably say the same. The last few months of pregnancy put this momma in hibernation mode, and then the consequent early months as a mom of three 5 and under kept me pretty busy and out of the realm of home renovation.

But now that my littlest is 6 months old (how quickly that came!), my husband and I are picking up the slack on home maintenance around here. We have a partial kitchen remodel in the works, and have been updating the home with more smart home devices like this one:

It’s been pretty fun to be able to turn our lights on and off by voice as we’ve installed smart bulbs, and he just installed a smart dimmer switch in our bedroom which is so cool.

Anyway, the project I tackled last night was our hallway overhead lights.

Here’s the before/after:

Sorry for the dark photo; like many household projects done by young families, this one had to wait until Daddy came home (I’m not so savvy when it comes to wires). Anyway, the hallway lights were fine as far as the shape went (I rather like the cream glass globe), but neither of us were fond of the gold (sorry to any of you who like gold accents). We talked about replacing them, but when I looked around for ones I liked, I realized that they really were no different in shape; it was just the color that was different.

Enter spray paint (seriously, whoever came up with the idea deserves some kind of an award).

This can has seen a lot of use in the last few months at this house (I’ve been repurposing the baby food jars to create a matching spice cabinet). It is currently my favorite color. Anyway, once Daddy came home, we took down those lights and went to work.

I spray painted those lights and made them a lovely bronze.

I’m so happy with how these turned out, and better yet? Since I already had the spray paint from a different project, it was totally free!

As I said earlier, we have a couple other projects in the works, so stay tuned for updates on those. I’m super excited for our kitchen update!

What projects have you all been working on this Summer?


3 comments on “A Hallway Update

  1. Sam says:

    Cool idea! Always great when you can recycle / renew components instead of having to replace them entirely.

  2. […] I’m on a purge of all gold accents in our home these days. First it was the hallway lights, and today, I have another easy weekend project for […]

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