How to Make and Style Your Bed

This post just seemed appropriate for the first Monday of the year. What’s the number one habit that everyone tells you to take on? Make your bed. EVERY. DAY. Which, is one habit that used to be a habit for me, but lately, well, not so much. Must have something to do with becoming a mother of two.

Well, anyway, I was thinking about this habit/not-habit of ours (is it ok if I say that?), and I was realizing that if you don’t know how to make a bed, or if you don’t know how to style a bed, then you won’t really know the joy that making your bed can bring. ‘Cause who cares, right? You’re going to mess it up at the end of the day anyway.

My hope is that this post will change that (for you, and for me). Making your bed is important, not just because it makes your bedroom look nicer, but because we all know that wonderful feeling of sliding into a bed that has been made.

So, let’s get to it.

Your first step is to start with clean sheets. Now, I get it, you’re not going to have clean sheets everyday, so this is more of a weekly step (apparently you’re suppose to wash your sheets AT LEAST once a week, for hygienic purposes).

Start with the base sheet. That’s the one with elastic on the edges. Tuck that sheet around the mattress nice and tight.


Next, I place my pillows. I do this because I hate having to take off the pillows and put them under the top sheet every time I go to bed. It’s just not efficient. (Note: this step will only work with The Minimalist style I’ll discuss later.  You’ll need to skip this step for the other ones.)


Third, spread that top sheet nice and tight over it all.


Now, here’s the tricky part.

Most of you know how to tuck in a top sheet, but I’ll share the basics again,  just in case you’ve forgotten:

First, tuck in the bottom of the sheet under the mattress. Be sure to pull it tight and flat. No lumpy bedsheets allowed. You’re going for a cocoon feel here.



Next, pull up the corner of the sheet until it’s parallel to the top of the mattress.


Then, tuck in the edge of the sheet.


Lastly, tuck that corner in.


Voila! A nice, neat edge to your bed. Tuck the rest of the edge of the sheet all the way to the top, and repeat steps 1-4 on the other side.

Your bed should end up looking like this:


Now that you’re all done with the sheets, it’s time to dress it up.

Styling a bed is all about color and theme. I’ll show you three basic styles that all use the same items, just so you get the basic ideas.

A quick note on colors; I like sticking with solid colored sheets. If you have patterned sheets, it can become harder to find a comforter/blanket to match, and personally, I would rather have the pattern showing on top than have it hidden under a blanket.

Spread your basic blanket down. This should be your cozy, thin blanket, the one that makes you want to cuddle. This step holds true for all three styles.


Another quick note on bed styling: ALWAYS tuck your blankets behind the footboard, if your bedframe has one.

Ok, style no. 1 is The Minimalist. I LOVE this style, because it’s easy to do, and looks nice and sleek.

Fold your comforter in half, and lay it down at the foot of the bed. This accentuates the contrast between the base blanket, and the plushness of the comforter, making it look extra cozy.


I’ll call the next style the AirBnB, because it’s a little cozier than The Minimalist, but not full on Bed and Breakfast (the third style I’ll show).

Keep the comforter at the bottom of the bed, and don’t put the pillows under the sheets (like I mentioned earlier). Stand them and another set of pillows along the headboard. For a fuller look, use king size pillows for the back two, or put three pillows instead. Put the patterned pillowcase pillows up front. Last, add a couple bed pillows on there. Make sure that these are smaller than your typical throw pillows, since that will overwhelm the whole thing.


All right, now here’s the Bed and Breakfast. This one is all about comfort.

Go ahead and pull up the comforter, but make sure that the end is still tucked behind the footboard. Then, stand those pillows up at the top again, but flip them so that the patterned pillowcases are at the back. This is important for visual cohesiveness. If you want it to be extra cushy, add a third row of pillows. Add the bed pillows, and if you have one, put one of those tube shaped pillows in front (anybody know what those things are called?). Your last step is to add a throw blanket; you can spread it out at the foot of the bed, like I did, or just toss it on.


And there you have it. Three different styles for your sleeping pleasure.

Before I sign off for today, I want to share one last tip. Obviously, you won’t be taking everything off everyday to make your bed. So a quick tip on freshening up your bed in the morning; Pull up the edge of your blanket so that you can see the top sheet, then pull that flat, both up to the top of your bed as well as down along the sides. Repeat the top sheet tucking as necessary. Then, pull the blankets back up and to the sides, and you’re all done!

Here’s to a year of freshly made beds.

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