How to Set a Table – Christmas Edition

Christmas is two days away, folks. Are you getting excited?

One of the funnest (yes, I said funnest) parts of Christmas is the food, and along with it, the table setting that decorates the table. But if you, like me, haven’t really even thought about what you want your table to look like, fear not, I’m here with some easy table settings for you.

I have three different styles of table settings for you today.

The first one is your naturalistic one. This one is great if you’re hosting brunch, or simply want a more casual table setting.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Evergreen branches (I have three different kinds here, but ended up only using two. You really don’t need a lot; one or two branches should be plenty)
  • A white table runner
  • An oil lamp (if you don’t have one, a large pillar candle with a base would work)
  • Tea light candles with holders
Your first step will be to cut down those branches. Make short segments so they’ll lay flat.

Next, lay down the table runner and place the oil lamp/pillar candle right in the middle.


Lay the branches around the lamp/candle as if you were framing it. Spread them out so that they cover most, but not all of the table runner.


Then “sprinkle” the tea light candles around, and you’re done!


Voila! You can make the branches as thick or thin as you want, but personally I feel that less is more in this situation.

The next table is a little more formal, but is the easiest of the three. I call this one the Golden Holly.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • White round placemats (one for each place setting + one for the center)
  • Gold ornaments
  • Two candlesticks
  • Holly branch (pick one with lots of berries)
  • Your trusty salt and pepper shakers
Step one for this table is much like the first table: set out your placemats at each seat, and one right in the middle. Set your candlesticks an equidistance away from the placemat on either side.
Next, place that holly branch on the placemat in the middle and sprinkle the ornaments around it.
That’s it!
The third table is great for the kids table (or anyone who is a kid at heart). I call it the Nutcracker and His Friends.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A nutcracker
  • A Christmasy tablecloth (stick with something monotone)
  • Fake snow
  • A small wood stump
  • Some ceramic animals
  • Any items that are foresty

You all know step one by now: lay out that tablecloth.


Next, lay out the snow, making sure to keep a small section open for the nutcracker and the tree stump.


Then, put out the “friends” in such a way that it looks like they’re playing in the snow.




I love this little birdy, and how serene it looks in the snow. Just a happy little bird snoozing away.

There you have it. Which one do you like best?


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