Room Reveal – Family Room (and tips on room layout)

The pictures for this post were ready last week. But then last week happened. I think it has something to do with the fact that the Christmas season is here. And for us, December also includes 4 birthdays within our extended family. So, suffice it to say, I didn’t make it to the blog last week. But I’m back now.

This room is our Grand Central Station; practically EVERYTHING happens here. And why wouldn’t it? I mean, this is the room with the fireplace. And during this season especially, I don’t gravitate far from it.

The family room was also the trickiest room to arrange, since every wall has some kind of structural item, be it a doorway, the fireplace, or the angled entryway to our office. And since it was the room we wanted the TV in, this room was the one I spent the most time contemplating layout before the move.

Room Reveal - Family Room 5

The original owners had their TV against the far wall, where it would be visible from the kitchen, but I really didn’t want the TV to be the focal point. Plus, I can’t do ANYTHING if the TV is on. So my first choice was to put the TV against the left wall. To help fill that large space on the far wall, I put up the biggest (and probably most favorite) painting we own.

Room Reveal - Family Room 7

Room Reveal - Family Room 4

Since the couch that faces the TV would need to be the one that seats the most, I put our three-seater against the right wall, which then dictated the rest of the placement. Originally my plan was to get two arm chairs to put at the open end of the room, but I actually like how the two-seater ended up creating a “zone”; it practically functions as a wall, without breaking up the room.

Room Reveal - Family Room 3

This, in essence, is what interior designers do: they take the space they’re working on, contemplate what purpose the user (that’s you) wants to use it for, and then lays it out as fits that function best. It really isn’t rocket science; it’s all about thinking about traffic flow and placement.

Since I wanted this room to function truly as a Family room, a place where we could watch TV, read by the fire, play games, etc., I wanted there to be plentiful seating, and have a large coffee table. So while it is by far the most crowded room in the house, it works well because everything in it fulfills the purpose this room was intended for.

Room Reveal - Family Room 2

Room Reveal - Family Room 1


Room Reveal - Family Room 6

One final thing: one of my favorite things to do (and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this) is to preserve my bouquets by drying them. It just seems like such a shame to toss them. So I hang them upside down, and let ’em dry (is that where the phrase, high and dry comes from?).

Anyway, that’s all for this room folks. Tomorrow, I’ll be writing about how to style a coffee table, so check back in then.

Room Reveal - Family room

That’s Grandma, reading a story to the kiddos.



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