How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

This week’s how to is pretty simple. And most of you probably already know the basics. It’s not exactly rocket science.

But even decorating a Christmas tree has some variation to keep in mind. And the tricks to having a tree that wows are simple to apply.

Here’s what you’ll need:

How to decorate a christmas tree 3

  • A tree (surprise, surprise)
  • Lights (either colored or white)
  • Ornaments
So, like I said, the above stuff is a no-brainer for anyone who has decorated a tree before. The trick comes in the choosing.
First off, you need to think about the mood you want to set with the lights. White lights create a crisp, clean look on your tree. They are a perfect choice for more formal environments. The tree I’ll share with you as an example today is in our living room, so I felt that white was the obvious choice.
If you want a warmer, softer feel to your tree, choose colored lights. They are a great choice for family rooms, or more casual living environments.
The second thing you need to think about is the ornaments. Consider the same question as with the lights: do you want the tree to fit a more formal, or a more casual environment? If you want it for a formal space, pick a theme or type of ornament, and stick with it. Try to stick with one color scheme as well. Gold and white are popular colors this year. I went with silver snowflakes for our living room tree.
If you want a more casual feel, then be random in your ornament choices. If you have children in your home, by all means employ them in decorating this tree; they get random.
How to decorate a christmas tree 4
Your first step in decorating the tree is to string up the lights. This really needs to be the first step, since you don’t want to be working around ornaments while you’re putting the lights up. The lights are your base.
How to decorate a christmas tree 5
Your next step is to put up the ornaments, but remember to start with the larger ones. Space them evenly apart, so that they look balanced on the tree. Then, fill in with the smaller ornaments.
How to decorate a christmas tree 8
How to decorate a christmas tree 7
How to decorate a christmas tree 9
This is what the living room tree ended up looking like.
Here’s the family room tree:
How to decorate a christmas tree 11
How to decorate a christmas tree 12
How to decorate a christmas tree 14
Your last step is to consider the floor. On one of our trees, I put down a tree skirt (I made this one myself: you can find the free pattern here )
How to decorate a Christmas tree 13).
For the tree in the living room, however, I put a train track around it. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years, and now I finally have it. This has been a year for fulfilled dreams, to be sure.
How to decorate a christmas tree 2
And there you have it! Your own perfectly decorated Christmas tree.
How to make a christmas tree 6

2 comments on “How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

  1. pilgrim1030 says:

    Oh, how sweet! Where/when did you get that adorable train set? It looks so amazingly old fashioned under the tree. The children must think they’re in a wonderland!

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