How to Make a “Gingerbread” House

Remember last week’s “How to“? I told you to save the leftover paper? Well, here’s what I used it for:


Fun, huh?

I have to admit, though, this how to was a little more difficult/time consuming than I anticipated. Maybe it’s just my perfectionist nature, but it took the better part of an afternoon to “decorate” the homes. But what better time to do this project than the day after Thanksgiving? If you’re not out Black Friday shopping, that is.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • The leftover paper from last week’s project (If you didn’t do the banner last week, you can just take this template to cut out the banner shape, and use the part that’s leftover)
  • Colored markers (I used gold, silver, red, and green)
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Stencils (Not pictured; I used stars and circles)
  • Tape or glue stick
  • Scissors

Your first task is to fold the “house” portions in half, so that you have two sides. This gives you some guidelines as you “decorate” your house. Then, you cut down the “chimney” to size. Draw a line along the portion that sticks out so that it’s even to the top of the roof. Cut off the excess and you have a perfect little chimney.



For the second sheet of paper, cut the “chimney” all the way down to the bottom of the roofline (unless you want two chimneys on your house).


This is what you should end up with. That was the easy part.

The next part is the fun/time consuming part. The reality is that you can be as detailed or undetailed as you like, but the more detail you put in, the cuter and more attention grabbing your house will be. I used a couple stencils to help with the circular windows, wreaths, and the stars on the trees. The rest I drew with the help of a ruler. As I mentioned earlier, this took quite a long time, since I was being very picky in the detailing, but can take less if you wish to keep things simpler.


Start by penciling in the details.


Then, color in the areas you want colored, and use the pen on the rest.

I took a couple pictures to explain how I did the chimneys:


First, draw horizontal lines evenly spaced along the length of the chimney. You can either go all the way from top to bottom (Like the house on the right in the first photo), or you can draw the roof line across, and make it appear as thought the chimney is on a different side of the house (like the house in this picture).


Second, draw short vertical lines between the horizontal lines, making sure to alternate so that they create a “stacked” look. I simplified it by placing the ruler a certain width in, then drawing lines in every third space. Then I moved the ruler in a little further, and repeated, but starting in the second space,  and counting on from there. The third row of lines was created in the same way.


Your last task is to tape the structure together. Try to tape it on the inside as much as possible.


And that’s it! You can create even more dimension if you wish by adding pompoms, little strands of Christmas lights, fake snow, or other fun craft supplies. Also, I got tired of the project and only decorated the front of the houses (aside from the rooflines, which I drew all around), but you can certainly continue to decorate the other 3 sides of the home and have fun with that as well. I also didn’t create a roof for them, and the rooflines aren’t exactly realistic since they’re all pointed, so you can play around with that if you wish.

Here are some close up pictures of each home:




Have fun! And share your creations with me! You can email me any time with at


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