The First Middle

This post was supposed to go live last Friday, but when I heard about what was going on in France, it really didn’t feel appropriate. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and sadness that so many were and are feeling in the aftermath of what happened, and posting about something that (in light of what happened) is so trivial seemed disrespectful. My prayers are with those who have lost loved ones as well as those who are still in hospitals recovering from the attacks.

I titled this post “The First Middle” because it’s not quite an “after” post, as there is still more work being done at the duplex. I hope to post a final article with the complete after.

In case you missed it, I had the privilege of visiting the worksite of D&R Concepts a few weeks ago, and posted a “before” article of their work. You can find that article here.

They had made a lot of progress in both units since then; the painting had been completed in both, and they had already put flooring in the upstairs of unit B. All of that graffiti that was on the walls in unit A? You would never guess that it had been there now.

The whole entryway looks so much better now with the window replaced.

The First Middle 5

And the flooring they’re putting in? Breathtaking. The place looks completely different now.

That’s the master bedroom in Unit B. Quite a difference, huh?

And this is what the upstairs hallway and the second bedroom looks like now:

I love the wall color that they picked. It’s called Cottage White by Behr, and it’s the perfect shade of white in my opinion, as it has a nice warm yellow undertone, which is just what is needed in the pacific northwest.

They also decided to go with bamboo flooring, which is more cost effective than hardwood, but has the same feel. I’m definitely planning on putting this exact flooring in our dining room when we finally get around to redoing the carpet in there.

And remember how I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful counters in Unit A, the one perk out of the devastation in there? Well, I remembered this time:

The First Middle 6

Isn’t that beautiful? I love the subtleness of this stone that the original owner picked.

Speaking of counters, I had the pleasure of discussing options with D&R and gave them some input as to counter and backsplash choices for Unit B, since they had to be replaced. When I come back for a final post, I’ll show you which tiles and styles we went with.



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