New Goodies!

My hubby was out of town last weekend, so I needed something to do. I mean, taking care of two littles on the weekend alone with no hubby coming home to look forward to at the end of the day can be rather long. So, I headed to the thrift store with my parents.

And let me just say, it was a good day. We made a GREAT haul.

New things New things 2

I found this darling little girl’s quilt for Abigail. I mean, isn’t that the cutest thing ever? It was rather worn on the back, but I couldn’t pass it up.

New Things 5 New things 6

I also found this beautiful quilt, which was in great condition. I’m saving it for Abigail for when she moves into a big girl bed. Which, sadly, really isn’t that far away…

New things 3 New things 4

And this, well, this is just so colorful and fun and vintage. I haven’t decided where I’ll put it, but it’s definitely going to be a prominent display somewhere when the time comes to decorate for Christmas. That’s only 2 weeks away, folks. And let me tell you, I am excited for Christmas this year. I’m already planning on getting two trees, and am dreaming of a lawn display, and lights along the roof…. we’ll see if I can manage to convince Joseph to do any of those things.

New things 14 New things 15I also found this beauty, which was in great condition aside from some staining. A few rounds of bleach, and it’s looking great! It made me really sad to see this at the thrift store though. As someone who crochets doilies, I know how much work it is to make something like this, as well as the cost! Trust me, it’s not cheap to make stuff like this. If you have any doilies or table runners that you’ve inherited from someone, PLEASE, take care of it. Don’t toss it in the Goodwill pile. Give it to someone (like me!) who’ll actually use it.

Having said that, I haven’t really found a home for this yet. It’ll probably make it onto the dining table at some point, but until then, I’ve tucked it into my linen drawer.

New things 13

I also found this fun rug, which I’m guessing is made of hemp. I had to wash it since it was quite dirty, and it got all lumpy. I managed to flatten it out most of the way, but if any of you know how to get it completely flat, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know how!

New things 7

And this cushion. I mean, how fun is that? The colors are perfect for the couch too.

New Things 8 New Things 9

This bowl, is beautiful. I’m not quite sure what I’ll use it for (salsa? candy?) but it will be used, trust me.

My favorite find of the day, however, was this:

New things 12 New things 11

A vintage school desk. I got this for $5 folks. Five Dollars. As you can see, the shelf has warped, so it does need a little work, but isn’t it a beauty? I’d love to find out more about it too; there’s an engraving on the side that has the company’s name on it, as well as the seat number:

New Things 16

It would be fun to know what school this desk was used in.

We also found a few toys (go figure) for the kids, but this was most of it. And the best part? All of the above (as well as a few miscellaneous items) cost me a total of $24.80. Yup. You read that right. Twenty four dollars and eighty cents.

Told you it was a haul.

So when are we going thrift shopping?


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