Room Reveal – A Daughter’s Room

There are many things that my daughter and I share. We have near identical hair color, for one. We are both very, shall we say, vocal. Trust me, she has quite the set of lungs. We both have a tendency to live in our own little world. The line that divides reality and dream is not a very distinct one for us.

We also share a love of animals. I shared with you how I struggled to discover the main theme I wanted to work with in our living room, but deciding to pursue animals as a theme for Abigail’s room was no struggle at all. That girl has always loved stuffed animals, and presumably always will (if she continues to be anything like her mother).

Abigail's room 5

The “tricky” part in designing her room for me was in the attempt to keep it mature. Although my daughter is only 2, I wanted to make the space as mature as possible, since I knew that I wanted to enjoy the room as well, and this was another way that my modern, clean-line loving husband would be able to enjoy the space as well.

Abigail's room 7

So, while covering the walls with animal paintings and loading up the toy bin with stuffed animals was a must for my daughter, I really wanted to leave the colors more muted and sophisticated.

My favorite part of Abigail’s room, however, is this:

Abigail's room 2

Someone had given my husband these cute food storage houses when he first moved in, and I immediately loved them. However, it really wasn’t the theme I wanted in my kitchen, and so they were placed upstairs in our old house, on a windowsill along our stairwell. When we moved here, however, I came up with this fun idea. Maybe someday she’ll take them with her into her home and actually use them in her kitchen. Until then, I like them here.

Abigail's room 11

Abigail's room 1

Another fun thing that we’ve done for both of our children is to commission our very talented sister-in-law to paint their favorite childhood toys. These stuffed animals were by far Abigail’s favorite, and I am so glad that they are immortalized in these paintings.

Abigail's room 8

Abigail's room 9

Abigail's room 10

I also put in some blocks and books for her in her room, and created a cozy area for her  to be able to peruse her collection of board books (you can see it tucked into the corner in the first photo). I believe encouraging children to love books from a young age is one of the best things you can do for them. Hopefully, this has done that for her. And who says that blocks are only for boys? I think Abigail plays with them more than my son. But maybe that’s just because most of them are in his room…

If you have children, what things have you done to create a special space for them?


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