Room Reveal – Small Space Statement

Like many downstairs half baths, our main floor bath is a small bath tucked underneath the stairs. This can make them dark, dreary, and difficult to decorate.

Thankfully for us, our half bath was already painted a fun, bright color that we loved. All it needed was the quirk that made it a fun “escape”.

Yes, that's me. Kind of hard to avoid taking a photo of yourself when you're aiming the camera right at a mirror.

Yes, that’s me. Kind of hard to avoid taking a photo of yourself when you’re aiming the camera right at a mirror.

I stuck with the blue color scheme here, which makes it feel unified (something that can be really important when working in a small space).


For several years now, my wonderful Mother-in-law had been passing along vintage pins to me, but since I don’t wear much jewelry, they just sat, neglected. I couldn’t bear to throw them away though, since they had so much personality! I pondered how to use them for several months, and then I had the aha moment where I thought of pinning them onto a padded memo board, and using them as art. This is the result. I love how they add color and character to the room.


I also put up another great work of art by another gifted family member: my sister. She painted this back when we lived together (that was a fun year!) and I’ve held onto it since. She didn’t like it much at the time, but I think it’s great, and it fits perfectly in this room.


The last thing I want to show you is my rug. I found this at Ross (a great place to find bargain interior items), and couldn’t pass it up. I love how the crocheted edges add a feminine dimension to this “powder room” (does anybody call it that any more? I vote we bring the phrase back).


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