Room Reveal – A Place to Cook

I baked five loaves of banana bread today, and that led me to two conclusions. The first is that I either need to buy less bananas or I need to eat them more often. The second is that I have yet to share with you a room that showed my husband’s style more than my own. As in, the Modern part of Where Modern met Chic.

So after all five loaves came out of the oven, and I’d tidied up the kitchen some (cause who wants to see dirty kitchens, much less show them?), I broke out the camera and did some work.

Kitchen 1

Now, before you start wondering how this is modern, I want you to remember that I’ve done my best to mix our styles. So while it’s the most modernist room in the house, it will still be somewhat chic. I’ve done my best to keep it simple though, since I realized fighting the basic style of this room simply wasn’t an option. Attempting to make this room more French chic simply led it to feel cluttered. And so the purging of countertops ensued.


But, again, this is the room I practically live in, so I’ve created areas that are more feminine. The corner behind the sink is one of them.

Kitchen 2


I love this corner, because it overlooks the garden boxes, as well as the neighbors beautiful tree, which is filled with gold and red leaves right now. It’s pretty breathtaking.

Kitchen 5


The other fun corner is the candy corner. Why line up the candies? Why not? Candies are beautiful, colorful, and fun. And if you have them, then you might as well showcase them.


Isn’t that pretty?

I do have dreams to make this space even more modernist than it is, because I still feel like I’m fighting embracing it’s form. And I also have dreams of redoing the island. But both of those things will have to wait for a future post.

Ok, time for another poll: which room would you like to see next, Abigail’s room, or the half bath downstairs?


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