The Great Outdoors

I thought I’d take you all on a little excursion to our backyard today. The weather has been so nice here lately, and we’ve been enjoying being outside.

Our yard isn’t quite your typical backyard, because it has a lot of fruit bearing trees, as well as a fenced off garden space, but it isn’t your grandma’s garden, or an old orchard that has been sitting idle for a century. It’s stuck in the middle of a suburb, a little oasis of green that has been such a blessing to us.


I grew up on a farm with a large vegetable garden and chickens. We even had a goat for a while. Gathering eggs morning and evening was a daily habit, as well as weeding and gathering the beans during the Summer, and I didn’t think much of it at the time (except, of course, that I didn’t want to do it). Now as an adult, I see the beauty of that lifestyle, and I am so happy that I can replicate that life for my kids, at least to an extent.


Of course, the vegetable garden has already run its course this year, and now it’s a pretty sad looking shell of the beautiful salad patch it was, so I’ll omit pictures of it for now. Maybe in the Spring I’ll post about it again. For this post, I mostly wanted to share the beautiful autumn we’ve begun to experience.



Before I sign off, I wanted to share one fun thing that I’ve done in our yard. When I married my husband and moved into his home with him, I overhauled the yard, and in the process discovered this darling birdbath. It’s so small though, that it didn’t really work as a birdbath; it simply didn’t hold enough water. I used it for decorative purposes, but when we moved into this home, I really wanted to utilize it (particularly since the previous owners of this home left a bigger birdbath behind for us). That’s when I had the aha moment: I could fill it with birdseed instead! I love seeing birds flock to this birdbath for food. Granted, I get squirrels too, but I don’t mind. They need to eat too, right?

Is Fall in full swing where you live too?



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