To Casserole and Serve, ’til Breakage do Us Part

I warned you that I would be posting whenever something new came into my house. I just can’t help it; when I get a good deal on something that’s truly beautiful, I get this urge to, well, share.


I found this beautiful casserole dish while grocery shopping at Winco the other day. My first thought? “Oooh, pretty!!” My second? “Nice price!” And so this dish came home with me at the cost of $9.98. Which I must say is a pretty good price for a serving dish you can bake in.

Isn’t she a beaut? And of course I couldn’t wait to use it (although I did wait one whole day, since my hubby wasn’t home that night). He made a wonderful chicken sausage and roasted veggie dish that looked perfect in it.


Yes, he’s pretty amazing like that. He also made a very tasty side involving roasting broccoli and olives (YUM!). If you ever want the recipes for them, they’re both from Better Homes and Gardens; you should be able to find them pretty easily there.




That’s my daughter, Abigail, waiting very patiently to partake of the food that was set before her. She couldn’t care less what it came on. As long as it tastes good she’s happy.

Anyway, I’ll stop yammering about the casserole dish. Next time maybe I’ll show you more of the dining room. Or I might show you my finds for the living room that I got at the thrift store today. Which would you prefer?


One comment on “To Casserole and Serve, ’til Breakage do Us Part

  1. To answer your question, new finds for the living room from the thrift store would be fun to see. I love finding things at Goodwill to decorate with. The dining room would be fun to see as well. 🙂

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