How to Make an Entrance

I figured my inaugural post ought to be a great entrance right? Well, at least AN entrance.

So I’m going to show you our front porch.


Yes, we have a front porch. It’s actually a wrap-around porch, a dream come true for me. I have dreams of expanding the side portion so that we can actually put a table and chairs out and eat meals out there, but that’ll have to wait for a different post.

I had our bistro set out here, and while I loved that, I wanted to utilize them by putting them on the back patio. But then the front porch was empty. Which was really sad. So I decided to bring up two chairs. But they looked barren and awkward. So I added a rug.


It was actually left at the house by the previous owners; it adorned the entryway. And while it’s a great rug, it lacked a certain, well, warmth and character that I wanted for the entryway. So I’d switched it out (the new one isn’t quite what I want either, but it’s better than the one that was there), and stashed it in the garage. It was perfect for the porch sitting area.

And since it’s Halloween season, I put out the one and only Halloween decoration I own: Mr. Spider. Isn’t he cute? I actually really do think he’s cute. Which is weird. But then I AM weird. And that’s ok.


Now, since this post is supposed to be an entrance, I figure I should probably show the entrance. So here it is.


The door was already painted red, which I LOVED when we first saw the house. And I still do.

I’d toted that rock home from a beach several years back, and although I didn’t decide to use it as a nameplate right away, I’m rather pleased with it’s end result. It does need a fresh coat of paint. But it works.


Anyway, now you’ve seen our entryway. It’s all really simple, really. I tossed some driftwood next to the door (provided by my beautiful sister-in-law), added a candle and some dried flowers, and voilà: a cozy entry. Easy enough to replicate. Add a great welcome mat (mine was from Winco for something like $5, which I thought was an excellent price), and you’re all set.

Maybe someday you can come and make a great entrance here too. Until then, enjoy the pictures.


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