An Introduction

Hi there!

You’ve found it. The place where I share with you the home of my dreams. Where I share my guilty pleasure: interior design. Such beautiful words.

I call it the Miracle House. That’s because there were so many miracles that happened in order for us to move in. And also because it is such a PERFECT house. For us at least.

We loved it at first sight. In fact, we kind of loved it before we even saw it. We didn’t even spend half an hour in it before we asked our agent to write up the offer. It’s such a perfect fit for us because it has classic bones, with enough modern in it to satisfy Joseph. That would be my husband.

In so many ways we are exactly alike. But when it comes to our design personalities, oh boy, do we differ. I’m the cottage chic girl, who loves vintage ruffles and floral patterns. Oh, and white distressed furniture. He’s the Dwell type of guy, who likes clean (read: empty) countertops and unadorned surfaces. Thankfully, he’s enough of a classic guy though, that we’ve learned how to meet in the middle.

And that’s my project: to find the place where Modern met Chic. Because a house doesn’t become a home unless both of you feel it.

So this blog is about that. Turning this place of possibility into the place of perfection (well, as close as I can), so that both of us can enjoy it.

What can you expect from Where Modern met Chic? As I engage in new “projects” around the house, or rearrange the furniture for the umpteenth time, or find some new treasure at the thrift store, I’ll be on to share with you.


So welcome along for the ride. Hope it’s as much fun for you as it is for me.


One comment on “An Introduction

  1. pilgrim1030 says:

    Beth, I couldn’t fall asleep so I decided to check out your blog. I really enjoyed all your entries so far, and I look forward to more of your interior decorating journey. It is so wonderful to have a daughter in law who cares about making a house a real home for her family!

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